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Primary Support Partnership (PSP)

What is a Primary Support Partnership?

There are nine Primary Support Partnerships (frequently referred to as Primary Support Bases) across Hertfordshire forming part of the Local Authority strategy to provide specialist support for mainstream primary pupils who may be at risk of exclusion due to their social, emotional and/or behavioural difficulties. The PSP supports pupils with a range of different needs.

Highwood Primary Support Partnership

The PSP at Highwood Primary School consists of an outreach service and also a designated, nurture environment named Juniper Class. Juniper Class is situated in a purpose built classroom at the heart of the school and is equipped like all of our other classrooms, however it incorporates designated spaces should children need a quiet place away from others. Nurturing sessions, such as breakfast and lunch clubs, take place for the children and their friends throughout Highwood Primary School. The Juniper Class team consists of a full time PSP teacher and a full time Behaviour Adviser. They work to support Juniper Class children in their mainstream lessons. In addition, they provide targetted programmes to individuals and groups within the Juniper Class setting.

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Juniper Class pupils on Highwood's permanent roll

When there is a realistic prospect of successful mainstream integration, pupils with a statement of special educational needs may be placed on the permanent roll at Highwood's PSP. In this instance, any such pupil will have Highwood Primary Support named on their statement as their permanent education provision and at that stage they become a member of Juniper Class. Permanent roll places are generally only allocated to KS2 pupils. A PSP is designed to support pupils back in to mainstream education. Our aim is to therefore facilitate the successful integration of Juniper Class children into our mainstream classes. Each child will have a personalised reintegration programme depending on their specific needs.

Specialist support available to local schools

In addition to the work we carry out with Juniper Class pupils, our team of specially trained Behaviour Advisers provide support and advice to schools in the locality. Schools may apply for their pupils to be placed on our extended roll. This enables us to support them in their own mainstream schools. Pupils who are referred would most usually be at 'School Action Plus' on the Special Educational Needs register, or undergoing statutory assessment for special educational needs. If multiple agencies are involved in supporting a child, then a common assessment framework (CAF) may well be in place to detail the role of each agency. Extended roll support is designed to provide short-term intervention for a maximum of ten weeks. Our Behaviour Advisers, supported by members of Highwood's Inclusion Team, will meet with school leaders to complete a set up agreement. They will then support the professionals working with the designated child through a series of half day sessions with the aim of helping the child to successfully manage their own behaviour in school. This support is available for both Key Stage One and Key Stage Two pupils.